narrative video



The main theme was to show the lights and nature of the night, I wanted to focus on the interaction of light with the unnatural world we created. I went out into campus town and observed my surroundings manually controlling the focus. It's all supposed to be a very peaceful, serene shot. The music is from called Piano Remix by an account called cheesepuff. The instructor said it had to be cohesive so I focused on the all the soft lights we miss when we are out driving or looking down. I end on the moon, unfocused and alone in the sky. This is supposed to transition our idea of the buzzing signs and traffic stop lights to the original night light, the moon, which I feel we often take for granted. 

joke video



This is for my IM 113 class. I drew the final storyboard with assistance from Deicide. We decided that Deicide would be the Camera Operator and I was the "actor". In the end, we both edited it. It went well, there wasn't any fighting and we managed to shoot this in a day, and Deicide edited a majority of it. There wasn't really a script because I just reacted to the pepper, but we knew how it would play out pretty much. We decided to do one take from a decent angle and while editing zoom in to create some humor. I got the idea form several youtube challenge videos I've seen or heard of, the person eats something very spicy and their reaction is taped, the end product is usually pretty funny. Overall an okay, project.

all photos credited to Celia Compton  

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